November 18, 2018

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About Us

George Chumbley

American Mountain Holidays was launched by George Chumbley after spending 20 years in the hospitality industry in Colorado mountain resorts. George held Sales Manager, Director of Sales and Director of Sales and Marketing positions in companies such as Copper Mountain Resort, Vail Resorts, ResortQuest and Destination Hotels and Resorts.

George has had over 15 years of international sales and marketing experience and serves as a voting member of the State of Colorado International Promotions Committee.

His love of alpine and skiing life kept him in the mountains for over 30 years where he has enjoyed hiking and climbing, cycling and skiing. During this extended period George began to understand and study the concept of Peak Experiences. He began to understand that these experiences change people for the better by opening up all of the possibilities that life has to offer.

At the center of this is the belief that Peak Experiences open up our vision of our best self and that our vision moves us more efficiently. Our inner eye can be a powerful force that moves us toward the future we see for ourselves.

In his twenty years of hospitality, George’s mission was to “provide a place where people could come to the mountains to create memories.”  He represents the fourth generation of hoteliers in his family.

George enjoyed a great passion for his work. After much contemplation, usually taking place out of the office, George decided he wanted to share his love of the natural world, the opportunity of creating memories in the mountains and the Peak Experiences concept to people who wanted something more out of their time away from their daily routines.

In creating AMH he has found a way to combine these elements to share with others the goal of enriching their lives and giving them the chance to see that inner vision of their best selves.

George was a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team from 1978-1983 and has a 20 year old daughter who is an architecture student. He is a native of Asheville, North Carolina and is the Managing Director of AMH.

Board of Advisors

Ellen Miller:

Ellen is the first American woman (4th in the world) to reach the summit of Mt. Everest from both sides; North (Tibet) and South (Nepal). She is a former multi-sports competitor and professional adventure racer, with an extensive background in high altitude mountaineering. In 2002, she was named Colorado Sportswoman of the Year, based on longevity and achievement in sports and mountaineering. She is a USATF certified Level 2 Coach (Endurance) and presently coaches/manages the Teva U.S. Women’s Mountain Running Team. She also directs her own program geared for female athletes in Colorado, Mountain Divas.

Ellen’s  most recent Himalayan ascent was in May 2009, when she reached the summit of Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world at 27,890 feet. Some of Ellen’s other summits include Denali, (Alaska), Aconcagua, (Argentina), Mt. Elbrus (Russia), Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, (Ecuador), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). She has also climbed all of  the Colorado ‘Fourteeners’ with many winter ski descents. In 1998 Ellen held the world record for the Women’s High Altitude Ski Decent for her ski off of China’s Mustagh-Ata, 24,757 feet. She currently resides in Vail, Colorado where she works as an Outdoor Fitness Coach through several Vail Valley athletic facilities. For Ellen’s full biography please visit: