October 17, 2018

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Autumn, A Great Time for a Cycling Vacation

 The days are warm but the heat of summer is gone along with the summer tourists. The autumn colors are beginning to show themselves or in the Colorado Rockies they are close to peaking. The roads and trails are quieter and the rates at the lodges have gone down. This, my friends, is cycling season.

 It doesn’t matter if you are a mountain biker or road cyclist or both; the days of September and October are made for a bicycle tour or vacation in the mountains.

Weather is key consideration. The cool mornings are great if you are climbing up the trail or heading up the pass on the road. By mid morning the air is getting comfortable enough for short sleeves and this lasts well into the afternoon without the burdensome heat. Days are usually drier in the fall with the cooler temperatures that keep the thunderstorms down. Blue skies rule and the autumn colors come on. Whether on the road or on the trail the changing colors provide a new visual sensation with yellows, reds, greens and oranges flashing by. The senses seem sharper and the experience feels deeper.

Autumn trail riding

 The roads and trails are certainly less crowded than in summer. In many of our destinations it’s just the locals and if close to a metropolitan area then you’ll see more cyclists on weekends but otherwise you have the road and trail to yourself. “The grace and tranquility of the alpine lifestyle” as our founder calls it, seems to permeate each view. The pace seems a little more leisurely as you stop to take in the views with changing trees and shrubs.

 Lodges and accommodations are quieter as well and this results in lower lodging rates. Often you are able to jump up a class in standard and the 4 to 5 star hotel seems doable. The staff is friendlier; having the summer behind them, happier to slow down themselves and able to take the time to relate with guests more.

 Restaurants are offering their fall specials, 2 for 1 entrees or free bottle of wine with 3-course dinner. Reservations? Really only on weekends. Wait staff? Friendly and happy to see you.

 Sport shops have their cycling inventory on sale so if you need that jersey, new pair of shorts, cycling shoes, you’ll find discounts at most shops.

 Lastly, travel is just easier in the fall. The summer vacationers have gone back to work and school making it a little easier to navigate airports. The car rental counter is less crowded and their rates have come off of their summer peaks.

 So what are you waiting for? Cycling vacations are a great value for the money because the primary activity is free! Give us a call and let us put a trip together for you. We work with all kinds of budgets to provide you with a cycling experience that is a great value that and one you’ll be telling your friends about for months!

 It’s early afternoon here at AMH and the boss just returned from his lunch ride. He said, “let’s ride!”

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