November 18, 2018

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Telluride Transportation

Telluride Express. Telluride’s premier ground transportation service to all area airports (i.e. Telluride, Montrose, Grand Junction, Durango, Cortez and Gunnison) with door to door shared-ride and private accommodations. We are committed to providing our individual and group guests with no hassle, courteous and comfortable service. We operate a complete fleet of vans, SUVs, shuttle buses and motor coaches. We care about your safety and our drivers, besides being familiar with every location in our region, attend safety driving courses, wear photo ID’s, have clean driving records, pass medical and drug tests, and also pass a background check. Shared Ride shuttle service means that you or your party will likely share a vehicle with other individuals or parties.  The vehicle is typically a 14 passenger van though we sometimes use sport utility vehicles such as Suburbans or buses when many people are going to the same location at the same time.  The price is lower but there are potential compromises.

We group passengers together who are arriving or departing on the same flight to minimize delays in leaving the curb so you don’t have to wait till the next plane comes in to fill the vehicle.  As soon as all passengers check in with us then get their bags our driver will get you going as soon as possible.  However there may be a delay due to lost luggage for a passenger that you share the vehicle with but we can often arrange for that person to follow on another later vehicle if one is scheduled to follow soon.  Please be patient as it could be you that arrives without a bag.

There are usually several stops while dropping passengers off since different passengers often go to different locations in Telluride and Mountain Village.  Sometimes we have a vehicle with all passengers going to the same location.  During most days we carry enough passengers from flights to be able to send separate vehicles to the Town of Telluride and the Town of Mountain Village but this is not always possible and the two towns are only 6 miles apart.  Your driver will arrange the drop offs to be in the most time efficient route.  Shared Ride shuttles have no stops between the airport and Telluride.

There are minimum charges for a Shared Ride that are higher than the single passenger rate.  This seldom occurs during busy seasons of winter and summer but can occur depending on your arrival or departure time and location.  When you reserve your ride from or to certain locations you will be advised that there is a minimum.  For example Grand Junction to Telluride has a three adult minimum.  If  you make a reservation and you are the only person arriving on a flight and riding to Telluride you will be charged for a total of 3 adults.  If at the time of the ride two or more others end up taking the same ride whether as later reservations orlast minute walkups then you will be charged the individual rate for just yourself.  If only one other person rides with you then each of you would be charged 1/2 of the 3 adult minimum charge.


Private vehicle shuttle service means that you or your party will have a private vehicle all to yourself.  The vehicle is typically a sport utility vehicle such as a Suburban for 1 to 5 persons, passenger vans for 6 to 10 persons or mini coaches and buses for larger private parties. The price is per vehicle rather than per person.

As soon as you and your private party check in with us then get your bags our driver will load your bags and you will be promptly off the curb with no delays.There are no stops to drop off other passengers. There are NO minimum charges with private shuttlesFULL PRIVATE shuttles include a convenience stop of up to 1 hour as you desire for such things as groceries, lunch or supplies.  This is for your convenience to suit your needs.   Additional stops are available for $25 for each half hour.  Full private shuttles are available between all points in our service area. BASIC PRIVATE shuttles have no convenience stops.  Your driver takes you straight to your destination.  There may be limited availability for basic private shuttles on Saturdays and other exceptionally busy days.  Vehicle type is subject to availability.  Basic private shuttles are available only between Montrose airport and Town of Telluride or Town of Mountain Village.  Basic private shuttles have lower rates.