November 21, 2018

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American Mountain Holidays goal is to provide you with that special experience, a peak experience you will recall over dinner with friends for years to come. In most cases you are not traveling alone so you want activities to fit each level of your party or family.

We have worked hard to find the mountain resorts and villages and the activity providers and guides that not only can lead you to that great experience but also provide a wonderful mountain vacation for your family, spouse, significant other or the rest of your party.

Major Resorts

 AMH has extensive experience with traveling to the major mountain resorts of western North America, New England and the Southern Appalachians. From Whistler and Banff in Canada, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sun Valley, Idaho, Park City, Utah, Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Durango and Steamboat Springs in Colorado to Squaw Valley, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico, these have been our personal playgrounds since 1978.

These mountain destinations have all you are looking for in lodging choices from luxury to budget, in a wide array of mountain activities for all ages and abilities and of course world class restaurants and local’s favorite deli’s and diners. Festivals and events are many and offer great talents that enjoy performing in these unique destinations. (They are usually there to enjoy the same mountain vacation you are!).

Small Villages

 Small villages have long been a favorite with AMH, a little further out there, a little closer to the real deal. Golden, B.C, Taos, NM, Telluride & Crested Butte, CO, Canmore, Alberta and Alta, Utah.

We have a selection of good lodging choices in these villages. They have a variety of eating options and unique events and festivals. Of course we have long established guide services and activity providers there that deliver a great experience and we can probably even hook you up with a golf course.

These are unique places with great character and flavor. The alpine life is right out your door; the adventures are just a little more uplifting, as if you have discovered something not many others have…in a place not many others go. A little purer perhaps.

The contact with people tends to be more genuine with less static. The natural elements: light, wind, sun, water, snow, seem to fill your senses more. Your senses become more acute. It feels like a slightly different dimension. You know it when you find yourself ‘returning to the real world’. Time was slower, the sky bigger, the stars definitely brighter. Let us introduce you to one of these unique villages and don’t blame us if you move there.

Special Places

Our spots just being discovered, or passed over or have experiences that are truly unique and compelling. Probably unique to AMH, these are places and experiences that offer something well, different.

Ask us about these places. We’ll be working on integrating them into our website probably at the same time we are developing them. For now: Skoki Lodge, Kicking Horse and Silverton. You might have heard of them but have you been there? Best to call us on these at 1-800-541-PEAK (7325).

Featured Destinations

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