October 17, 2018

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Powder Skiing Vacations are the Ultimate Experience

The trend we are seeing in ski vacation experiences are known collectively as powder skiing vacations. These are becoming more popular and with good reason. You find yourself snowboarding or skiing in conditions that people at the resorts dream about. While the resort snow rider may get lucky and have a 6 inch to 10 inch powder day, they usually have to get to the lift first thing before all of the locals shred the first lines. If you are new to the resort, good luck!

 We are seeing more of our customers tell us; “OK, it’s time for something different, something special this ski vacation.” They want a new experience and with the changing technology in powder snowboards and wider powder skis with the new rocker design, it’s giving snow riders more stability in deep snow. The word is getting out about powder skiing vacations and the special experience they provide. Snowboarders and skiers come back from these trips squawking like a bunch of crows (Crowing as it’s known) and their friends want to try this new, more unique ski vacation.

Make your next ski vacation something unique.

We have a lengthy article on the AMH website about powder skiing vacations that covers Backcountry skiing, Snowcat skiing and riding, Heli skiing and finding powder at the ski areas and side country skiing.

 While that is good information on the types of powder vacations, the following is about why you should consider one and why they are becoming a hot topic.

 Steve Jobs, the co founder of Apple passed away recently.  Here’s how he relates to this experience. Consultants laughed when he was rolling out a $399 iPod with 5 gb of memory. Why would people pay so much when there were much cheaper MP3 players on the market? A $400 cell phone? Steve, have you lost your mind? Who’s going to pay that except for a few Apple junkies?

But from the minute you walked into the store, to opening the package you knew you had something different. Once you began using one of those new products you were having an experience that few other people were having. Once they became more popular, that didn’t diminish the experience because the experience was unique to what you had before.

A game changer.

 That’s what a powder skiing vacation is. From the minute you show up at the snowcat trailhead, gather at the heli-pad or meet your guide at the lift, you are suddenly part of a smaller, more unique group. There is anticipation & expectation. The equipment is different. Wide skis, adjustable poles, transceivers, probe. The experience has started and you haven’t gone anywhere yet. Yet you know you are about to enter a different arena, one filled with what snow riders call White Magic.

 Someone once asked Louis Armstrong, the famous jazz trumpeter who played Sun Valley on occasion, what jazz was. His reply was, “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” That’s almost true of this next paragraph. For those who have ridden in powder, skip ahead. If you are wondering why you should try it, I’ll give it a shot at explaining it.

"if you don't know, I can't tell you."

 Powder snow is soft and unbelievably quiet. It absorbs sound very quickly. As you start downhill you begin to float on your snowboard or skis. As you turn to control your speed you sink down in the powder, or it begins to come up to your knees and higher. Your snowboard or skis are hidden underneath the snow so you can’t see them. You are moving forward, floating, in a quiet medium. It’s magical and there’s nothing like it. You movements must be gentle, easy transitions, working with the snow, never against it. You are riding on a cloud, moving through it. It is different world that few people get to experience. It is an ecstatic, intoxicating experience.

That’s the best I can describe it.

 To spend all or parts of your ski vacation skiing powder snow will leave you with a renewed sense of self. While resort vacations are great, powder skiing vacations are rewarding. Do you have to pay a premium to get this experience? Yes.

From renting or buying the equipment, to paying the guide to show you the best snow, teach you about the backcountry and keep you safe, to your uphill transportation of choice, you do pay a premium. But just like Steve Jobs products, once you have tried one, you know it’s a different experience…and you’ll start crowing.

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