October 17, 2018

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When to Get the Best Deals on a Ski Vacation, The Smart Money and Carrots.

The smart money is always early. This year, as we have seen since the recession, lodges and ski resorts are offering steep discounts with ‘book by’ offers, which are deadlines when the offer expires. These discounts are as steep as 30% to 50% off full price and can mean real savings on a ski vacation.

 The ‘book by’ deadlines usually are in October to early November for discounts this steep. Can you find discounts at the last minute as many Internet travel companies advertise? Maybe, but they won’t be as low and the hotel may be offering a less desirable room type.

The smart money booking their ski vacation has been taking advantage of these deals as hotel and resorts try and get a base of bookings in. Lodges are becoming more diligent about early ski deal reservations as they can ‘forecast’ the demand.

The earlier business is on the books the more they know how to staff (their biggest expense) and inventory (laundry, food, amenities) to meet the forecasted demand. The hotel or ski condominium management company is able to gauge expense costs against the number of rooms sold and operate more efficiently.

 Another benefit of booking a ski vacation early is the Carrot. My best friend taught me this from the old motivational “stick versus carrot” principal.

By booking your ski vacation early you have a “carrot” out there. Something to look forward to, a ski expedition to plan and dream about. The days at work go by faster. You sit in traffic or stand in line thinking about what restaurant you’ll eat in. When doing fall chores you’ll be wondering, “What can we do with the kids to create something they will always have great memories of.” You’ll find yourself thinking that great sweater or cool jacket you would like to have before going. The holidays become easier because you can gift for your ski trip some necessary items like new warm gloves or a flash pair of goggles.

I have found I’ll work a little harder knowing I have a carrot out there, It’s easier to get to the health club or lace up the running shoes knowing I want to be in shape for that upcoming trip.

 Try putting a carrot out there and take advantage of the “Book By Offers” to book your ski vacation early. You’ll also save some smart money.




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