November 18, 2018

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Winter Sports Vacations

 Winter sports vacations are something Europeans have always valued in their annual winter vacation plans. Most spend time alpine skiing but they also include a day for cross country skiing as well as other adventurous diversions.

The mountain destinations we offer here in North America also offer a wide array of adventures beyond the ski lifts. Each village has a unique flavor brought out by its ski mountain, the inhabitants of the villages, the ambiance of the lodges and restaurants and, in some cases, the extent to which other forms of winter sports are offered.

Alpine Touring

More exciting than you think I’ll bet. Alpine touring gear allows you to be free of the ski area. A guide is always recommended to lead you on a route up as you warm to the gentle angle of the climb. Then a short break to eat and prepare for the descent though powder runs which have not been skied before.

There’s is nothing compared to this Peak Experience and having the whole run to yourself and your friends, skiing dry western powder without hurry. The togetherness experienced carries over to evening meals that are the highlight of your trip.

Hut trips

Mountain CabinPair the above with an overnight in a mountain hut. Meals are prepared by the guide leaving you to relax with friends by the fire and admire a star filled sky on a winter night. On your return home, none of your friends will have had an experience like this as “the only ones skiing the run.” More About Hut Trips

Snow Cat Skiing:

Snow ShoeingA select number of destinations offer this way of enjoying the backcountry. Pretty affordable, the warm cabin of the cat allows a rest between runs while you are transported uphill on summer roads or directly up the mountain in some cases. On top, step into your skis and enjoy powder runs with your cabinmates. Lunch is included.

Cat skiing is a way to enjoy backcountry skiing for the first time or to spend a day carving turns in dry western powder. Camaraderie is built through the day and into the evening after skiing. A unique Peak Experience that will have your friends on Facebook envious. More About Snowcat Skiing

Heli skiing:

Cross country skiingThe queen of winter sport experience. This usually involves travel to a specific destination or remote lodge. The experience is like no other. The flight and the feeling as the helicopter drops you off on a remote peak with pristine snowfields below you. Groups are defined by ability so everyone moves well together. Long powder runs are culminated with a helicopter pickup to go up to a different run.

The friendships built are like no other and are celebrated in the evenings at the lodge. An experience not to be missed in the lifetime of a winter sports enthusiast. More About Heli Skiing

For most, some downtime with significant others or family is appreciated. Easier times can be filled with ice skating, dog sled rides, skate ski lessons, a nice massage at the spa or wandering the village and taking in the winter landscape, stopping in the shops or cafes in each of our villages.

AMH offers more than a ski vacation. We offer a wide variety of winter experiences in diverse locations in the U.S.

AMH has been hosting skiers and riders since the late 80’s, before the days of wide skis and snowboards as we know them today. We can recommend daily routes around the ski areas of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming. Idaho, Montana, Nevada or California to take advantage of sun and snow conditions and we can also recommend those excursions that none of your friends will be talking about when you get back home.