November 21, 2018

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Hut Trips

Let’s start with the best part first. Staying in a hut is different and enchanting experience. You are in a remote location and have reached the hut by your own power, either by walking in the summer or skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. That means you are away from it all. You feel detached from the world you came from. Transported through some of nature’s most beautiful scenery to a shelter in a scenic location, cozy, with wood stove heat and in some cases, propane lights and stove.

Your senses are sharper here and the camaraderie with your group and others in the hut is real as the cynicism of the modern world has been left behind. People are always smiling, knowing they have made their way to a special experience that has been obtained by their own efforts and industriousness. Plain, simple, powerful. You share stories of the hiking and skiing nearby, the tales of outdoor experiences, all with your friends close by. Everybody’s face has a glow on it. You step outside, the sky is filled with the thousands of the brightest stars you have ever seen. Welcome to the hut life.

Many American Mountain Holidays destination towns have huts or yurt systems, especially in Colorado and Utah, Lake Tahoe area in California, near Jackson Hole, WY, Sun Valley, ID, and Alberta and British Colombia.

We will always put you with a guide that knows the area and guides it frequently, is personable and will teach you about backcountry travel and methods. In some cases the outfitters of trekking companies operate the huts and in all cases they must have as U.S. Forest Service permit. Let us set you up for great experience with a small group of friends, a special and romantic trip as a couple or that life bonding experience with your teenager.


A wide variety of accommodations from multistory log cabins to Mongolian Yurts. In almost every case there is a wood stove for heat. Some huts have propane stoves for cooking and in some your guide may cook off of a portable stove.

You carry your sleeping bag and pad, extra clothes and food. Your guide will carry most of the food and will prepare it in the hut. Huts have water sources nearby in summer and in winter you melt snow in large pots that are in the huts.

You can stay for a night in the hut as an in and out trip, make hiking or ski excursions from the hut on a multiple night stay or hike or ski from hut to hut.

Contact us for our recommended destinations and some one on one orientation so that we set you up with the perfect experience, an AMH Peak Experience!

Since you were smart and read this far, here’s an AMH Peak Experience if a hut trip sounds a little too rustic. Down comforters, gourmet food awaiting you after an 11km hike or ski in: Located in Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site this lodge has a long history and we can make all the arrangements from airfare, parks pass, additional lodging and activities.